Hi I’m Jo…….

……….and I’m a Hoarder

I’m very lucky to live with my very non hoarder boyfriend. Given the choice he will throw everything away whereas I am the complete opposite and given a choice I will keep everything!!

A question I ask myself is – can opposites like my boyfriend and I, live together?

I think so yes, but both sides need to respect the others point of view. I respect that he doesn’t like to hoard like me and I do try to keep my hoards to a liveable level. He understands not to throw stuff out without checking with me first.

My point of view is – you never know when you might need something – which I think is a classic hoarder approach. I blame my father (and genetics!) who had a shed full of stuff until the shed fell down and he had to downsize.

How about you, do you hoard or do you clear stuff out?


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