Bedside tables……

These are photo’s

of my bedside table and all the stuff on it. I love a bed side table and it fascinates me what people put on theirs.

Mine is quite cluttered but when I try and take things away I always find a justification for them to stay!

Most important is the photo of my parents on their wedding day.

The last thing I do before I go to sleep (other than kissing the other half) is put hand cream and lip balm on so I always have hand cream and a lip balm on my bedside table.

A very lovely friend brought me the gold and red box from Japan and I love it. Red’s my favourite colour anyway and I love the pretty flowers on the top.

I love my mirrored jewellery box. It’s got a little dent in one of the corners but I don’t care because I love it so much. The teddy on top was a present from my lovely bestie.

I love perfume and I love all the bottles. Have started keeping a few of my favourites when they are empty.

How cute is the L’Occitane tin! I brought some hand cream (the rose hand cream is so good, the smell is good enough to eat and the actually cream is really good and doesn’t leave your hands sticky at all) and got the tin as a free gift and it’s got 2 really dinky little hand creams in. I love the tin!

I love handbags and especially vintage bags. The black one is my most favourite one.

And of course before I took a photo I did clean everything 😉


One thought on “Bedside tables……

  1. Well I don’t have a bedside table at the moment and quite frankly I miss not having one as my phone and watch are always on the floor, plus when I have coffee in the morning I have no where to put my cup whilst it’s cooling…
    When however I did have one my mums picture took pride of place on mine with a teddy that my daughter gave me thus not being too cluttered and leaving room for my phone and coffee mug!


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