My top 10 places to visit

I love travelling and I’ve been lucky enough to go to some amazing places. As we are starting to get into holiday season I thought I would do a post about my 10 most favourite places to go to. They are not in any order.

Highlands, Scotland. The scenery is breathtaking. Standing in Glencoe by all the mountains puts me completely in my place.

Italy. So far I have been to Rome, Milan and Verona. Great wine, scenery, food and weather. Also have never seen a more attractive police force and priests!

Monte Carlo. If you’re looking for somewhere to feed your soul, this is definitely not the place to go. It’s in your face materialistic and showy but I loved that about it. Where else can you go and look in the shops to buy your own boat and plane!!

Southwold. It’s just lovely and quant and English. Gets a bit busy through the summer, I like it best out of season.

Granada. It’s really pretty and you can definitely see the Moorish Arabic influence. A must see is the Alhambra and the gardens. The gardens especially are lovely. Granada has a nice centre with bars and restaurants. Another must do is to have Churros, it’s a really thick hot chocolate with long thin donuts. You dunk the donuts in the chocolate and enjoy!

Playa De Las Americas, Tenerife. I first went to Tenerife in my early 20’s when it was THE party place to go. Hadn’t been back for years but went back last year and it’s so different! Much more catered for families and couples. A must do is Harley’s Bar, the food and cocktails are lovely.  

Annecy. Annecy is on the French, Switzerland border right by the Alps and the scenery is stunning. There’s a big lake that you can walk around. The food was pretty great as well.

Sri Lanka. I love Sri Lanka. I’ve been lucky enough to go a couple of times. The people are so nice. If you go make sure you do a tut tut journey!

London. I love London. My parents used to take us in our school holidays and I think my love for it started then. I love shopping in London and then going somewhere for an afternoon tea! Very English!  

South West of France. We flew to Toulouse, hired a car and drove down to Montpelier and the scenery was stunning. I didn’t realise how mountainous it was going to be. My partner had great fun driving around! While we were there we visited the Millau suspension bridge and I would recommend to go as it is truly incredible.



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