Hi I’m Jo and…….

………………………..I’m rather partial to a handbag! I say handbag but it’s actually all bags and I don’t mind old or new! I would say I probably love my bags as much as some people love their children 😉

I love a vintage bag, I love the history of the bags. I make up a little story about the ladies who have owned my bags before me. It’s always glamourous! In fact I have started a business selling vintage bags. My company is called Scarlet Bags. It’s early days and I’ve only got a Facebook page but I hope to set up my website shortly. Watch this space 😉

Saying that though a very good friend of mine brought me a beautiful Burberry bag for Christmas and I love it, again almost as much as most people love their children 😉

My bags have left a lasting impression on me far more than anything else. I once had a handbag in the shape of a dog and I would get so many comments when I used it. I loved that bag and I’ve never found one like it since.

In the photo’s below are a few of my favourite babies 🙂